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Entry for December 18, 2006


There is no mistaking the ‘Frenchness’ of Montreal. The buildings of the Vieux Ville (Old City) and even the more modern Mc Gill University Campus are right out of Paris. French is spoken almost exclusively. The woman in the restaurant where we had dinner last night had great difficulty with English. As we have great difficulty with French, it was an interesting ‘Frenglish night’. Most people seem to be able to switch at will between the two languages and show no resentment to English speakers. 

We saw all we wanted to see with our usual efficiency, aided by the fact that all the museums were closed!! Sadly our time in Canada is limited and the driving distances are great so we will have to move on tomorrow. This trip is just a taste. We must come back and see all these trees green. The weather again was kind to us; mostly sunny, but far from the unseasonable warmth of the last couple of days. A maximum of 3C is still above average for this time of the year, but for us this is getting cold! It even sleeted on us briefly this afternoon!!

2006-12-19 23:46:12 GMT
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