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Entry for December 19, 2006

Montreal – Gananoque

A different day today. No big cities, except for the drive out of Montreal. We decided to get away from the highways for a while and check out some of the small towns along the St Lawrence Seaway.

It snowed lightly on and off most of the morning. Exciting, but a bit scary while driving, especially for Janita who drove most of today! So easy to be distracted by the sight of snow flakes drifting onto the windscreen. And then there’s the Paul factor. Sharp intakes of breath indicate an infraction of the Paul driving rules. It’s always wise to ignore these.

The Long Sault Parkway runs through some of the islands of the famous 1000 Islands district. Even though it is winter and the trees are all bare, with the strong winter sun that broke through by lunchtime, our decision to leave the highway and track through this beautiful area was well vindicated.  

We picked the small town (5200 people) of Gananoque on a whim. It was small and an easy drive to Toronto, our destination for tomorrow. What a great choice! A nice little place with a country town feel (‘cause that’s what it is!). A Main Street straight out of the 1940s (if you turn a blind eye to the usual strip malls!) The motel is great! A Quality Inn run by a lady who has two brothers living on the Sunshine Coast. When she heard Paul’s accent at the reception she rushed out to tell him that she had just got back from Queensland – and loved it!

Technology has made trips like our current adventure a breeze. Tonight for example, we were directed right to the door of our current lodgings by our satellite navigator, a Navman  that we call ‘NavGirl’ because it directs us with a female voice. With wireless internet access available in all the motels we have stayed in so far, we are able to search for motels, check out the subway systems etc of the next place on our trip. The motel address is put into NavGirl ready for the next day and off we go!

2006-12-19 23:49:06 GMT
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