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Entry for December 23, 2006

TorontoBuffalo NY

Corny as it sounds, Frankie is belting out “New York, New York” as we write this. We have a selection of ‘theme music’ on our MP3 player ready to set the mood for various parts of our trip. After a day spent largely shooting down Interstates (US) and Highways (Canada), we are in a Days Inn, across the road from the Buffalo International Airport. Tomorrow we head back to New York for a few days! – We love NY!

Niagara Falls and the small town of Niagara on the Lake was all that was on our list today. Both were great, although better weather would have helped. The Falls were breathtaking never-the-less. A bit like the first time you see the Grand Canyon. You’ve seen the photos all your life, but even on a rainy day, they simply don’t do it justice. Disconcerting to see the river roaring past just beside you, then look up and across to see the drop 10 metres further along… and hear the roar …and see the spray. Niagara on the Lake is one of those places best seen out of season, away from the crowds. A nice little town, well preserved, aimed at the tourist trade; bit of snow would have made it picture perfect.

Despite the technical help of our GPS system, we still managed to get a bit lost today, only because we decided to follow our instincts rather than “The NavGirl”. All in a good cause though. Just outside Toronto we travelled through some very upper class suburbs. Then again, along the Niagara Parkway, we oohed and aahed our way through kms of mansions fronting the Niagara River.

WARNING: The following should only be read by the non-squeamish!!!!!

Washrooms, Restrooms but never “Toilets” or even WCs, in the US and Canada, are an essential part of travel. Access to these essentials is very easy in both the US and Canada. Cleaned within an inch of their life, one feels almost guilty soiling them. What is interesting are the different designs used around the world to dispose of the nasty byproducts of our daily exertions. European countries have a variety of plumbing marvels to sluice away your biological throughput. Most famous is the ‘hole in the ground’ toilet. Becoming rare these days, these simple contraptions are fine as long as one is fast on one’s feet and able to avoid a messy splash as the flush swishes the goodies away. Other more modern European devices allow a preview of the ‘deposit’ on a dry ledge prior to dispatch.

Both the US and Canada have similar systems that fill the bowl to an alarming depth with water after each flush. This is more than disconcerting to those of us that are more familiar with a bit of a ‘drop’ and a ‘plonk’ before the job is done. Little wonder many people with house-bound pets have trouble with them drinking from the bowl! Those with toddlers would need to be extra vigilant…

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