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Entry for January 3, 2007


The Capitol of the old Confederacy put on a beautiful day today. Even though we had to chip ice off our windscreen this morning, we hit a high of 17C today in Richmond. With a population of more than 1 million, Richmond is still a very manageable city. The graciousness of the old South still prevails with its wide streets, grand boulevards and plenty of space. Block after block of early 20th century southern mansions grace the centre of the city. Many of these beautiful homes were built in the decades just prior to World War I, a little more than 35 years after the end of the Civil War. It took that long for the economy of the south to recover to the point where wealth had accumulated sufficiently for such extravagances. Understandable when you see photos (yes there are photos from the 1860s) of the destruction of Richmond at the end of the war. Some might even remember the classic ‘razing of Richmond’ scene from Gone With the Wind?

The Richmond Museum of the Confederacy gives the losers’ point of view of the war. It includes the slaves’ story, the story of the women left behind to run the plantations and the effect of the razing of the land policy of the Union army. An interesting viewpoint.

Traffic thinned out significantly as we drove west on I-65 towards the Blue Ridge Mountains. After a stop at Thomas Jefferson’s family home, Monticello, we are settled into the small town of Waynesboro on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mts. Tomorrow we hope the weather will be as clear as today. Even in winter the drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway is touted as spectacular.

2007-01-08 00:02:14 GMT
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