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13/14/15 October

 Oops! Missed yesterday - and the day before.

 Did the tourist thing in Zakopane for the morning - checked out the market stalls - took the funicular to the top of the mountain and marvelled at the views - and the temperature - 19 degrees at the top but 24C at the bottom.

Later, crossed into Slovakia with no problems and drove, aiming at a quick visit in Bratislava. Overnighted at a "Services" on the motorway, nervously because there were no trucks, but our fears were unwarranted. The next morning we drove on to find a far better "Services" only a few kilometres down the track! We had planned to spend a day in Bratislava. However, in the spirit of 'if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium' we decided to drive on and have a couple of unscheduled days in Vienna.  

Crossed the Slovak-Austrian border about midday after about an hour and a half wait! . Weather was again fantastic. People were out on the streets of Vienna in force on a day that can only be described as 'freakish' - uncomfortably hot (25+) and humid? Clear, sunny but with a little haze. Hard for us to take in when it was

 -15C the last time we were here. 


The scale of the grandeur of the old Hapsburg Empire has been extremely well preserved. On days like the two we have had here the city is at its best.

 The reason we missed yesterday was the bad company we ran into in the camping grounds. This place (like most of Europe) is full of Australians. One group in this camp come from Brisbane. In fact, they come from Tarragindi! One thing led to another and we finally got to bed at around 1.30 am. 

All the travellers that we meet agree that Eastern Europe is an absolute bargain and the new travel frontier! Two days in Austria have confirmed this for us. The cost differential is about three or four to one. For example, one hour on the net cost us about $A10 in Vienna. Prague was $A3, with two cups of coffee!  

We are looking forward to going into Hungary tomorrow.